Monday, October 20, 2008


i don't even know what to say


external hard drive

that held


my pictures






Services TBA

WARNING: This here by gives me FULL permission to ENJOY some ALCOHOL at the BEACH!! Where i will then take LOTS of pictures and have them directly downloaded to a CD and then to Snapfish. Lesson learned.............the hard way.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

CraSh BaNg BoOm!!!!!

My computer did all of that! It was a very stressful time, and we're still not totally in the clear, BUT we did get a new computer yesterday, and HP Pavilion Notebook :) And i am glad to be back among the blogging world! I can't post any of my pictures yet, because i don't have any!! My external hard drive is still at the Geek Squad in Best Buy hoping to come home next week with some of the important stuff off my old computer...we'll see! Other than that it's been a boring and stressed week and i am looking forward to a fun week and then THE BEACK :) :) :) The Pumkin patch on wednesday and then my parents (and Jeffs) are taking miss Em to Pismo with them, they are leaving on Friday and we can't go until Wednesday....that is 6 days with no Emma Sue......I've never done that before.....Kennedy will get us all to herself for the time and i am glad for that....but 6 WHOLE days with no Em.... Did i mention i was going to the beach....

Wow, i really rambled, didn't I! The joys of a brand new just want to keep typing :)

OK, here's where i was going to add a picture of the new laptop, but i couldn't find one!!! I guess it's too new, it just came out last sunday. Hmm, i'll have to figure out how to use the webcam and give you a picture of me.....ok, maybe not!!!!