Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Do's

February was an all around S*it*y month! With my grandpa and my aunt passing away the same week, and having a miscarriage the week after! I was more than ready for it to be over! March has begun and so far so good:) I am feeling better as the days go by, but still have my moments. But tonight i decided to go out on a limb and give the girls their first haircut, at home! I was bit nervous, and hesitant. I kind of wanted them to go to a fun kids salon and have it cut by a professional. But then i realized i was talking about MY kids and that sounded great, but would probably end up disastrous!!! So, my baby girl no longer has a mullet! What a GREAT way to start this month :)




Ta Da!! :) She looks really cute! (If i do say so myself!) Emma just got a trim, it looks cute too, but not too much of a difference.

The end :)