Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Edward, how i love thee!!!!!!

Holy crap! That's pretty much all I've got to say! Dawn got me started on this series and i less than two weeks, i had all four of them read!! I can't get the story out of my head! I picked up the last book yesterday when i dropped off Em at preschool and i didn't start it until nap time around 1:00 and i didn't put it down until i finished it at 1:00AM!!!! Luckily JT was working overtime and got fed dinner at work because the girls got Mac n cheese (whole grain does make me feel a little better about it!!! :)) And they went to bed kinda rushed thru the process!!! Now i have to prepare for the movie to come out in November!! I feel like a little girl with a HORRIBLE crush on a fictional hero (who's really a vampire!) EYE YIE YIE!

On another note, i did finally finish some baby shower invites last week and got them in the mail. Jeff's aunt had asked me to make them for her daughter in law for their third baby and it was for a baby shower thru the mail because they had just moved to Washington. It was a little hard to get started, i wasn't sure what in the world to put on them, but i made up a poem and focused on the baby and i hope they come across ok, and not too tacky!!! I also added a tag page to each one in hopes that they will write down a "note of welcome" to baby Clara and when she gets them all, her mom will only have to put a brad through the top and she'll have a little book for Clara from her family. We'll have to see if everyone participates!!
I used Imaginisce Baby Powder Line, with some matching card stock, and some spare ribbon i had.

Dawn and i also took over part of a preschool project and i finished those up last weekend also,

So there it is, a late blog because i am still getting the hang of all this! :) The girls were also sick this last week, sore throats and all! Jeff and I spent the weekend finishing our deck with a redwood stain and weatherproofing it :) (Only a year after it was finished!!!) And now we begin the process to get ready for PISMO!!! Which of course looks like I'll be doing without him as he starts working 7 days a week! Oh well, somebodies gotta pay for our vacation!! :) It will be nice to get out there and for the first time, he'll get paid for being on vacation! Nice! Well, I'm off to clean the house so i can play with all the new Halloween goodies i got at Pocket last week! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

From wooden signs to castles to twice baked taters!!

Last night i went to mom and dad's and cut out the goods to make this:

(Don't ask! It's a sign for a friend of ours!)

Anywho... when we got home, my left eye was pretty bloodshot, hmmmmm
This morning, it was still red and kind of teary so i decided we'd better stay home from preschool, i am making lots of new friends (as is Em) and we didn't want them all extremely mad at us for sharing pink eye! (If thats what it turned out to be!! but it wasn't, i am fine!) So we built this:

That's right, a pretty princess castle! WITH A WORKING DRAWBRIDGE!!! (I quite enjoyed myself for this invention of the day! :)) and it has custom decorations!
It was fun,

for a little while, then we had to move on

to water coloring, ALL of the 18 "My Little Pony" coloring pages we printed off the computer!
Next it was time for dinner, and a movie! Actually it was more like, because of the movie, we had dinner!!
I called Joni, she told me to do the following and then blog about it. Joni says "jump" i say " how high?" :P
First we throw potatoes in the microwave... then cut them in half
Then scoop 'em out
Then mash their guts up with....what ever you have in the fridge, and fill 'em back up! add some cheese and bake.
Then cover them with some of your homemade salsa (because you have tomatoes COMING OUT YOUR EARS!!! and because your daddy wanted some! :))
and enjoy!
(Please excuse Jeff for this lovely "what in the hell are you taking a picture of me for" look, he is still not use to the blogging life yet! :) But really, Joni, they were great! Thanks! :)

And now i get to run off to this
Our brand new California King Simmons Beauty rest mattress :) Which will soon be apart of this
(except the armoire) which we bought last weekend, which is where the box came from (the nightstand) which brings us back full circle! A busy day of entertaining two crazy kids, tomorrow, the same thing, but hopefully with a lot less mess!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Emmanism :)

An Emmanism for your weekend enjoyment....

It happened as we were leaving my grandparents, the girls were both in their seats and gramma was talking to them thru the window. (Is that relevant, i have no idea, but it sets the scene!)

Great Grandma
: " Emma your just a punkin you know that?"


Emma: "Well, your just a tomato"

Me: (Spitting out drink at the moment) HAHAHAHAHA!!!

And i have to brag, because it is MY blog, that today at a 5 year olds b-day party, MY daughter was selected by the face painter to cut in line in front of all the other girls to get her face done because she was waiting and watching so patiently! Proud Mama Moment :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We survived!

5 days of camping!!

Emma went up early with Aunnie so she was there for 6 days! What a trooper too, she didn't want to go home after all that! We had a great time, Jeff won the horseshoe tournament on Sat. and we ALMOST won on Sun, somehow we were drawn together as a team and we made it to the championships, but i think either i had too much to drink by then, or Jeff didn't have enough! But something wasn't right and we lost. Bummer. The girls had fun too, with friends to play with, Lexi and our new friend Cora they were busy! And now we are home, blah, why does home life have to be so blah! Preschool will be fun tomorrow, and Em is looking forward to it. Teacher Kristi came today and Em was great, Kennedy on the other hand.....lets just say that terrible two fits her a little too well and a little too early!!!

Dad and his boys

Kyle and his good luck charm!

Clean.....for a little while!

Emma's favorite part of camping with Papa!
Our crafty project!

Emma's caterpillar :) He has googley eyes too!
The girls :) Kennedy, Emma, Alexiya, and Cora

We're tired, packed, dirty and ready to go home.
(But daddy will be back here tomorrow for work!! :P)