Thursday, September 10, 2009

How I spent Labor day weekend...

My vacation began Wednesday....then came to an abrubt halt Thursday afternoon when Ken threw up all over the place and was running a fever. SO down the hill we went, leaving Em and her daddy to enjoy a few days to themselves. After a few days of rest, Ken was back to her goofy self again so we headed back up Saturday afternoon. And vacation went on as planned!Even Amos got to go camping for the first time!

Beer, Horseshoes, and a big rock that snuck up behind me when i wasn't looking....

That's right, we watched movies around the campfire one night!

Thanks to Melanie for bringing some princess goodies for all the girls to decorate!
Carli, Kennedy, Alexiya, Emma and Breena

Kennedy at the lake... CHEESE!

Perfect S'more!!

Perfect pants for S'more makin! :P

Em's play doh bird! Isn't he the cutest!!

Me and my silly "Ned"

Em and Lexi have been camping here every year together since they were one!

i don't have words.

Steve-O and Zach-O

♥ JT and Me ♥

The Turner Family.

Yes, Kennedy is crying, Emma is being a cheeser and Amos is chewing on his own lip, but that's us!!!!


jOni lAnE said...

you know you love my pants. old navy baby.